Jerusalem hymn

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One of the best known songs about Jerusalem is the Jerusalem Hymn. This song is poetic, flowing and beautiful. It touches the heart and was designed to express many beliefs, ideas and sentiments about God and the city of Jerusalem.  However, there has been some controversy about it among churches. It has been banned nay some fro being too patriotic. Instead, it has been played at sporting events in UK and even at royal weddings. This song also is a song of patriotism. It was designed to honor England. The verses of the hymn speak of New Jerusalem, when it comes, being placed in the land of England. By this the author is expressing how they feel that England is a blessed land and a land that will be blessed.

The very fact that the author of the Jerusalem Hymn felt it a blessing for the holy city of New Jerusalem, should come to the land, demonstrates a love of God. Any such devotion comes only from those who believe in God. Clearly the author shows his position on the existence of God. The Jerusalem Hymn serves, therefore to tell others that God should be believed in, trusted, honored and desired. Choosing England to be the place where New Jerusalem should be placed shows that the author appreciated it. If indeed England would be chosen to be the place of the city which descended from heaven it would be granted eternal life and remain as a choice destination forever.

There are many other things yet to be revealed about the Jerusalem Hymn. This song has been around for a long time and has been just as long appreciated. To hear it sung by a choir live really helps to bring out its beauty. Its inspiring lyrics help to motivate and strengthen the soul. The feeling of patriotism begins to flow whenever the song is played. Even if a person is not affiliated with England, they can relate and enjoy the song.  The Jerusalem Hymn was written to touch the heart and it has screed to do exactly that. Its effect on people is one of the reasons why it has stayed around for so long.

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