The Jerusalem Bible

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The Jerusalem Bible is a result of Pope Pius XII’s preference that the scriptures be translated directly from the original languages in which it was written. He did not want the Roman Catholics to use Jerome’s Latin Vulgate. As a result the Jerusalem Bible was produced by translating the scriptures from Hebrew and Greek. While Pope Pius XII had originally communicated his preferences in 1943 by issuing an encyclical letter, it was not until 1956 that the completed Jerusalem Bible was published. The first edition was written in French and called La Bible de Jérusalem. It was produced by Dominicans and some other scholars at École Biblique, a French academic institution of great notoriety that was founded in Jerusalem in 1890.

In 1966, this French translation of the Bible was used to make an English version or The New Jerusalem Bible . Particularly, a small number of the Old Testament books were translated from  French. However, many of the books in the English translation of the Jerusalem Bible were translated directly from the original Hebrew and Greek. Before the English version of the Jerusalem Bible was published, the General Editor revised it by performing a word-for-word comparison of the English version to the original Hebrew. Yet, the introduction and the footnotes featured in the English version of the Jerusalem Bible are almost the exact translations of those found in the French version. Since the Jerusalem Bible was translated directly from the Hebrew and Greek it is often considered to be more accurate and is regarded as a higher authority. For this reason, many people prefer the Jerusalem Bible and feel like they get a better understanding of the scriptures from this version.

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