The New Jerusalem

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The New Jerusalem is a city of wonder. It is prophesized in the Book of Revelation that this great city will appear as it descends from heaven and replace the Jerusalem that is currently in existence.  Some believe that this prophesy means the restoration of currently standing Jerusalem. The Prophet Ezekiel had a vision of New Jerusalem and prophesized that it would be built south of the Temple Mount which is in the Old City of Jerusalem. According to Ezekiel’s prophesy, New Jerusalem will be the dwelling place of the twelve tribes of Israel. This prophesy is supposed to be fulfilled in the year 3372, going by the Hebrew calendar and take place on Yom Kippur.

People of faith throughout generations have held Jerusalem to be a very special place. Many people hope that they will one day be able to visit the city of Jerusalem. They have a good cause for this hope as this beautiful and spiritually important city is filled with holy places that are a blessing to the tourists who visit this Holy Land. Some people make it a point to visit Jerusalem at least once a year.  This journey is a vital part of their spiritual life.  The city of Jerusalem is an important location for many denominations. Both Judaism and Christianity have their roots here and have contributed to the History of Jerusalem.

There is nothing like the awesome Jerusalem Experience.  People who go there get the opportunity to feel closer to God than they ever have before. There is no place else in the world where so many praying people can be found. Believers of Judaism and Christianity alike believe that the land has been blessed and that prayers performed there are very powerful. Once they get into the city they do not want to waste even one precious moment. For Christians, it is a special experience to see the places that Jesus Christ visited. It is as if they can travel back in time and be with Him as he went about His ministry. They literally get to walk in the footsteps of their Lord as they follow Via Dolorosa, the path along which Jesus Christ carried the cross. Visiting Jerusalem can be very sobering and emotional.

One day, New Jerusalem will appear, fulfilling the prophesy.  For now, visitors to the Holy Land get to enjoy seeing the Old City of Jerusalem first-hand.  This part of the Jerusalem was in existence in biblical times. The Old City of Jerusalem, surrounded by its famous walls it stands as a real life testimony of the historical foundation of the Christian and Jewish religions.  Those who go there can see what life was like back in biblical days and where many stories in the Bible took place.  Visiting this area can experience the words of the Bible come to life. They get a taste of what life was really like back then and they get to ponder what New Jerusalem will be like.

The Old City of Jerusalem’s layout still shows the influence of the Roman Empire, who attempted to build a new city on top of it. The streets follow the pattern of the ancient Roman designs. Of great significance in the Old City of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount. This is a place of great significance that has drawn droves of devout praying worshippers throughout history. Jerusalem is a city that is beloved in the hearts of millions of people. Every believer should have the opportunity to visit there and hope that one day they will get to see New Jerusalem as well.

Now, Let’s All Live the Jerusalem Experience !!!

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