Here you can go on Video Tours of the Via Dolorosa Jerusalem to visit all Stations of the Cross . Follow Jesus’ footsteps and experience the wonder of the Via Dolorosa Jerusalem Jesus Jerusalem .

Station 1 – The Trial of Jesus where Jesus is put on trial and condemned to death by crucifixion.
Station 2 – The Flagellation of Jesus and the condemnation of the Cross.
Station 3 – Jesus falls for the 1st time.
Station 4 – Jesus meets his Mother.
Station 5 – Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross.
Station 6 – Jesus meets Veronica.
Station 7 – Jesus falls for the 2nd time.
Station 8 – Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem
Station 9 – Jesus falls fro the 3rd time.
Station 10 – Jesus is stripped of this garments
Station 11 – Jesus nailed to the Cross
Station 12 – Jesus dies on the Cross
Station 13 – Jesus body placed in his mother’s arms.
Station 14 – The Tomb of Jesus.

There is no exercise more pleasing to God and more beneficial to the soul than the practice of the Holy Way of the Cross, which consists of remembering and meditating upon – in a given order – what inflicted the greatest pain on Jesus Christ on that sorrowful path. And there is no place more pleasurable to meditate than here in Jerusalem at each station of the Via Dolorosa.

When meditating at the Stations of the Cross and engaging all the senses, heart, mind and body, you are reminded that you are not alone on your own sorrowful journey. Christ our Savior is walking among us, giving us the strength to face of our pain, fears and disappointments and reminding us every step of the way of the future glory that awaits those who rely on God as their hope and salvation.

Let this experience touch your heart by showing you the depth of Jesus’ love for you.