Palm Sunday in Jerusalem – 2012

Today, April 1st 2012, I am covering Palm Sunday in Jerusalem (Western Christianity), as part of Easter in Jerusalem.

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Palm Sunday in Jerusalem is a very important event, not to be confused with Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday represents the day that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, beginning the last week of His days on Earth. Many people who are making the pilgrimage to Jerusalem for Easter 2012 are making a special point to arrive early for Palm Sunday and remain for the rest of the week.

It was on Palm Sunday that Jesus made his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, as recorded in the Bible and the Gospels. At this time he entered on a donkey and the people laid palms on the path before Him as He went.  It is important to notice that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a Donkey and not on a Horse. According to the Eastern Tradition, the Donkey is an animal of peace versus the horse which is an animal of war. Therefore, a kink is riding an horse when he is determined to go on a war while he is riding on a donkey when we wants to point out that he is coming in peace.

While Palm Sunday is always an important event in Jerusalem, Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012 is sure to be unique. Many people have been waiting for this year to arrive and expect greater than normal miracles to happen. Thousands who have never set foot in Jerusalem are making the sacrifices needed to attend Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012, along with the rest of this very special week.

Each year in Jerusalem, Palm Sunday is celebrated. In fact, the whole Holy Week is filled with very religiously significant events. The festivities start off with Palm Sunday and continue on through Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. There are some who only take part in the celebration on Easter, feeling that the resurrection is the most important part of the celebration and the piece that is worthy of celebration.

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012 is not limited to one denomination of Christian, but people of many different Christian faiths will be in attendance. It is one of the times of year when Christians come together in unity regardless of their sects. They all join in on worshipping Jesus Christ, their Lord. Palm Sunday in Jerusalem truly is a remarkable event. To many it is something not to be missed.

People from all over the world make the journey to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday. Many of them get to see the Holy Land for the first time. There are some who have waited their whole lives and saved up just to be sure they could attend Palm Sunday in Jerusalem 2012. This year many important events are expected to take place. Many believe that these events are going to start on Palm Sunday simply because it is the beginning of the Holy Week.

To be sure, Palm Sunday and Easter in Jerusalem 2012 is set to be a great event. Many people of faith have very strong expectations. While some predict disasters for this year, many people of faith are confident that this year will be a blessing to all those who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and that they are called by His Name.

Let’s all live the Jerusalem Experience!!!!


  1. Janine:

    One of my dreams is to walk at Palm Sunday the same root Jesus has walked in Jerusalem!!

    Now my dream is half fulfilled.

    posted on: August 30, 2012 Reply
  2. retro:

    I cannot thank you enough for the blog videos.

    Thanks Again and Keep making these videos!!!

    posted on: September 24, 2012 Reply
  3. S.Mariadas:

    Palm Sunday is an important even which every Catholic looks forward to. It gives an immediate preparation to the Holy Week of the Agony, Suffering, Trial, Cricifixion and Death of Jesus. This Video has shown the Palm Sunday part of it. As I walked the Palm Sunday route, I looked for the images of the ‘animal’ that Jesus rode on, but was disappointed.

    posted on: November 24, 2012 Reply

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