Church of Mary Magdalene Jerusalem ALBUM

In this Album I am sharing with you pictures that we have taken at the Church of Mary Magdalene at the western slop of Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. As you will notice, we are focusing on the people visiting this amazing Church of Mary Magdalene Jerusalem and not only on the Church itself. We are trying to convey to you, the overwhelming spiritual emotions that these people experiencing during their visit here….. so you could also experience some of these spiritual emotions.

VIDEO FROM THE Church of Mary Magdalene:

After watching the pictures in this album, I highly recommend you to also watch the Video that I have made for the Church of Mary Magdalene – Click here to watch the Video!

The structure of the church of Mary Magdalene Jerusalem Israel  reminds its visitors of Mother Russia or more precisely the Kremlin complex in Moscow. The Church has seven Onion shaped domes, each crowned by a tall gilded Russian orthodox cross. Above the entrance, there is a gabled roof with a circular blue mosaic framed in Gold depicting Mary Magdalene piously robed in white.

That is it for Now, and until we meet at my next video, Let’s All Live the Jerusalem Experience!

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