A Virtual Pilgrimage Jerusalem

Because Jerusalem is considered to be the holiest city in Christianity, it is the premier pilgrimage destination for Christians all over the world. There are sites in Jerusalem and the surrounding area that mark special points in the life of Jesus and visiting them is an overwhelming emotional experience that stays with the pilgrim forever. Just imagine that at each of these sites, Jesus has walked, preached and performed miracles; above all this is where he was crucified and resurrected, and eventually ascended to heaven.

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem

I enthusiastically recommend to anyone who can afford to do so to come and visit all the holy sites here in Jerusalem. Since I know that there are many who cannot afford this expensive journey, I have launched my Virtual Pilgrimage Jerusalem Video Site (as part of the Virtual Pilgrimage Holy Land) where I post videos of all the holy sites for Christians here in Jerusalem. Throughout my site, you can read comments from people all over the world who voted my site best online destination for Pilgrimage Jerusalem Christians and Pilgrimage Jerusalem Catholic.

I have organized my videos around major locations such as the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, The Garden Tomb, the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, the Temple Mount, the City of David and other sites in Jerusalem’s vicinity.

JerusalemExperience.com features variable content suited to various denominations – e.g. Catholic, Protestant, Evangelist, Orthodox, and more; in other words different denominations can find content matching their taste.

Jerusalem Pilgrimage Videos

Here is a sample video that describes the Via Dolorosa:

Here is a sample video of the Mount of Olives – The Tomb of Lazarus:

There is a special section featuring videos covering Christian ceremonies here in Jerusalem – e.g. Palm Sunday:

There are also testimonies of pilgrims I met here in Jerusalem. Here you can watch how a woman who made a pilgrimage from Poland experienced Holy Saturday here in Jerusalem:

I welcome you to experience this Virtual Pilgrimage to Jerusalem at my site. The only thing I’m asking for in return is for your comment on each of my videos.

If you want to learn more about Jerusalem Tours for Christian please go to this page.

Until we meet again in my next video, let us all live the Jerusalem Experience!!!


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  • A new website, Jerusalem Experience , is now offering the opportunity to visit Jerusalem and its holy sites without having to leave home through a series of videos – a godsend for millions of Christians all over the world who cannot afford the time or the expense of flying all the way to Jerusalem.