Here are pictures that we took during Good Friday in Jerusalem 2012. Our pictures focus on the people that walked along the Via Dolorosa during the procession of Good Friday in the Old City of Jerusalem. We started a the First Station where Jesus was trialed before Pontius Pilate in the Muslim Quarter and we finished a the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter.

We focus on people since I believe it is more interesting to watch how people experience each place in Jerusalem than to watch another picture of the place itself. And this is especially true during Good Friday. Here in Jerusalem Good Friday is the most exciting and spiritual celebration since here in Jerusalem Jesus had his passion – his final walk on earth before he was crucified. This is also what connect millions of Christians all over the world to Jesus since here he died on the cross, after experiencing tremendous pain and suffering, and all of that for our sins.

Good Friday Video

We shall attend also the Good Friday 2013 here in Jerusalem so you could feel as if you are actually also here in Jerusalem.

Now enjoy these pictures and share your thought with us…. and Let’s live the Jerusalem Experience!!!!