Dominus Flevit Church Pictures ALBUM

In this Album I am sharing with you pictures that we have taken at the Dominus Flevit Church Mount Olives here in Jerusalem. As you will notice, we are focusing on the people visiting this amazing Dominus Flevit Church and not on the Church itself. Since the view from this place is absolutely breathtaking we are sharing with you also pictures of the view of Old Jerusalem. Here is where Jesus had stopped during is procession into Jerusalem and wept over the future destruction of the City. A fairly accurate description of the actual destruction of the Second Temple uttered about 40 years later on

We are trying to convey to you, the overwhelming spiritual emotions that these people experience during their visit here….. so you could also experience some of these spiritual emotions.

VIDEO OF THE Dominus Flevit Church:

After watching the pictures in this album, I highly recommend you to also watch the Video that I have made at the Dominus Flevit the Lord Wept Church – Click here to watch the Video!

Today we have here the Franciscan church Dominus Flevit which was designed by the famous Italian Architect Antonio Barluzzi and was built between 1953 and 1955. The shape of the church is in the shape of a Greek Cross but in order to give the church a unique touch, Barluzzi designed the Dome of the church in the shape of a tear. Barluzzi also added phials on the corners as the women of antiquity used to catch and store tears -Symbolizing Jesus tears as he sees the destruction of Jerusalem.

That is it for Now, and until we meet at my next video, Let’s All Live the Jerusalem Experience!


  • what a place this Dominus Flevit church. I could sit there and watch over Jerusalem all day. Now I understand why Jesus has started crying as he watched Jerusalem and foreseen its destruction.

    Thank you Eran