Chapel of Ascension Album

In this Album I am sharing with you pictures that we have taken at the Chapel of Ascension at the top of Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. Since this place is very unique by it shape compare to other Christian places in Jerusalem, we have included also pictures of the place itself and not just people while they are visiting there. I truly believe that just looking at this unique place can convey the exciting of visiting there.

VIDEOs from THE Chapel of Ascension:

After watching the pictures in this album, I highly recommend you to also watch the Video that I have made at the Chapel of Ascension – Click here to watch the Video!

I also recommend you to watch two videos that I have made during the Celebration of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven:

1) Click here for the Catholic Ceremony.

2) Click here for the Orthodox Ceremony.

The place of Jesus ascension is considered to be the second holiest site in Christendom. When St. Helena scouted Jerusalem, she has established the place of the Ascension of Jesus at a different location where it is today the Church of Pater Noster, not too far away from here – for video and pictures from this church look at the main menu. In 384 AD a pilgrim by the name of Egeria has founded two footprints embedded in the rock left behind upon Jesus ascension, and declare that here it is the precise point of Jesus Ascension – you can watch this footprints embedded in the rock in the pictures and the videos.

That is it for Now, and until we meet at my next video, Let’s All Live the Jerusalem Experience!

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