This Video tour takes us to the birthplace of the Virgin Mary according to the Greek Orthodox in Old Jerusalem.

The birthplace is marked by a Greek Orthodox church which is located near the Lion’s Gate in the eastern wall of old Jerusalem.

Visiting this church you see how poor and humble but still beatifull and spirutuall. The church is being run by Greek munks and nuns and you can buy there cundles, icons and true watter from the jordan river.

Beneath the church, there is a crypt carved in the rock, in which the Orthodox believe is the actual birthplace of the Virgin Mary.

Not too far from this church, it is the Church of St. Anne which was originally built by the Crusaders to mark the place where the Virgin Mary was born to Anne and Joachim, the only grandparents of Jesus.

This is for today and untill we meet again let’s all live the Jerusaslem Experience!