Join pilgrims from all over the world on their Palm Sunday procession here in Jerusalem.

The procession start at the church of Bethphage and then pass through:

Church of Pater Noster where many believe it is the place where Jesus taught his disciples the Pater Noster Lord’s Prayer which also called Our Father

Church of Dominus Flevit. It is believed that as Jesus made his way to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) he has reached this point, saw the breathtaking sights of the Temple Mount and Jerusalem at his feet and at this moment Jesus seized by dreadful premonition of the complete destruction of Jerusalem and its people and weep over it.

Church of Mary Magdalene – a Russian Orthodox Church that commemorate Marry of Magdalene and her devotion to Jesus.

Gethsemane and the church of All Nations where the Agony in the Garden took place

and finishing at the church of St. Anne the mother of Marry mother of Jesus and the pool of Bethesda.