In this new video we are visiting the renovated church of John the Baptist in Jerusalem. 

With in this chruch we shall see the fragments of John the Baptist’s SKULL and of Saint Pagagiotes’ skeleton.  Saint Panagiotes was the new martyr who was forced to convert to Islam but did not accept it thus was killed on April 5, 1820. If you want to learn more about Saint Pagagiotes I invite you to visit this page

You can also visit our video of this same church of John the Baptisit in Jerusalem that we published several years agon and see the  change.

The church we are visiting today is built on one of the most encient churches in Old Jerusalem and some believe it is the oldest one – 3rd century AC.

Watching this video you are probably saying to yourself, I must visit this renovated church of John the baptist next time I am visiting Jerusalem. The problem is that it is not all day open so it is important to check in advance or with us at