Today’s Video Tour is to the Citadel Youth Hostel in Jerusalem.

There are more than several youth hostels in Jerusalem but what unique about this one is that during summer you can actually sleep on the rooftop of this hostel and spend the night surrounded by The Church of the Holy Speulchre which is the holiest site for Christians, The Temple mount which is the holiest site for Muslims and Jews and one of the central synagogue, the Hurva, inside the old city of Jerusalem.

This short video tour is about a night to remember at the Citadel Youth Hostel in Jerusalem that me and my friends had on an August night in year 2019.

We arrived at about 07:00 PM. then we wend to dinner at a very unique restaurant in the Jewish quarter – The house of Seoul – a vegetarian Kosher Korean restaurant.

At about 10:00 PM we return to the hostel and joined tens of young boys and girls from around the world who also chose to spend the night at the rooftop. There was one group from Germany that stayed there for one week.

It was simply amazing. the atmosphere was charged with energy. The weather was perfect. we kept awake until midnight talking among ourselves and with other people we have met there.

We waked up at 06:00 AM to the bells of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. At about 08:00 AM we wend down to the old city to have our first coffee with fresh-squeezed orange juice, vegetable salad, hummus and falafel for breakfast.

After finishing breakfast we went to visit the Church of John the Baptist in Jerusalem. An amazing small greek orthodox church near the Christian street at the Christian quarter.

For more detail, about the Citadel Youth Hostel, I recommend visiting their website