In today’s video tour to another interesting place in Jerusalem, we are visiting Razzouk Tattoo shop located in the Christian quarter in old Jerusalem.

Razzouk Tattoo shop is the oldest tattoo business in the world and it is in business since the year 1300.

Then name Razzouk is of a family who started making tattoos back in Egypt marking Coptic Christians with crosses on their hand wrist so they could identify themselves as Christians. It was necessary during that period in times since the Coptics Christians had a look more of Muslim Arabs than European Christians.  By showing the tattooed cross on your hand wrist people knew you were a Christian.

The Razzouk family moved to Jerusalem back in the 16th century and settled in a small shop in the Christian quarter until they recently moved to a bigger parol where it is located today at 13 Greek Catholic Patriarchate St. Old City of Jerusalem.

An interesting fact about the Razzouk Tattoo shop. My Yacoub Razzouk, the grandfather of Wassim who manages this shop today, was the first tattoo artist in Israel to use an electric machine and color as well.

Today, Wassim gives tattoos to pilgrims from all over the world who visit Jerusalem and to take back home a special and memorable souvenir of their pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

I offer all my guest which I guide in Jerusalem to consider inking themself with a special tattoo by Razzouk. Some of them back up the courage to have a tattoo as a souvenir for themself of their visit to Old Jerusalem. 

To learn more about Razzouk Tatto shop history visit its official site