In today’s Video tour in Old Jerusalem, I am taking you to the best Kebab in Old Jerusalem – Al Baghdadi Kebab. 

Al Baghdadi Kebab is considered by several food aficionados the best Kebab in Old Jerusalem and I might say even in Israel – and believe me, I have tasted kebab all over Jerusalem and Israel.

The first time I heard about Al Baghdadi Kebab is at one of Mark Wiens YouTube videos about the ultimate food tour in Jerusalem. 

The restaurant is not well known by many people and it is not so easy to find.

The Kabab is made on the spot by customers’ order so it is fresh and amazing. In this video, you can see how they mix the lamb meat with herbs and greens such as pepper, onions, and parsley and then chop the mix with a curved sword and then put in on a charcoal grill. They also serve chicken and lamb skewer which also test amazing.

Together with the meat, you can order a fresh salad, hummus and baba ganoush. It is a small place and very friendly.

The family that operates this restaurant has moved to Jerusalem from Bagdad in Iraq about 300 years ago thus their family name become Baghdadi.

The restaurant is located not far from the Church of St. Anne along the Lions’ Gate St. very close to the beginning of the Via Dolorosa at Bab Hotta St. 

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