Make sure you can Re-Live your MEMORIES from Jerusalem even when you are back at home!


If you are reading this page, I assume that you are now planning your visit to Jerusalem. Am I right?

Watch our, more than, 70 special videos at our site so you can plan your trip and get ready for the most spiritual experience of your life. Now, how many times have we made our own videos and pictures during our travels to special places and when we came back home, we were so disappointed with the results?

  • The video is shaking and not clear – If we are using our phones, then we can’t expect too much.
  • We are not within the frame – the guy we have asked to video us or take our photos is not an expert.  And if we are making the video, how could we be part of the video?


This is why we, at Jerusalem Experience, have decided to offer our expertise in capturing your visit to Jerusalem and the Holy Land by creating your own My Jerusalem Experience special video that you can later watch with friends and family, to share with them what a spiritual experience you had. You can also watch the video by yourself and relive again and again what you felt when you were here in Jerusalem. After all, it’s not every day that you get the chance to really touch the actual stones and rocks on which Jesus has walked. Here are some video examples where you can imagine, it is you in these videos.

All you need to do is enter your contact information below and one of our members will contact you shortly to tell you more about our service (You can also email as at