In today Snow in Jerusalem Video I am taking you along the streets of Old Jerusalem that last night were covered by a white blanket of snow.

In this video we are visiting:

– The Church of the Holy Sepulchre
– Stations along the Via Dolorosa
– The Western Wall & Temple Mount
– We shall also climb on top the roofs of Old Jerusalem to have a view at Mount of Olives and the Russian Church of Mary Magdalene and the Church of Dominus Flevit.

As a background music I am using a unique music that was created by a friend of mine, Mrs. Tami Machnai Harari – A  Vocal composition of Psalms 48 which is based on a series of notes coded to the words of the psalm. If you like it, please leave a comment below this video. I promise you will hear more of that Music from the book of Psalm shortly….

And until we meet a gain in my next video, Let’s all live the Jerusalem Experience!!!!


  • Thank you very much Eran for sharing this video of Jerusalem blanketed in snow. it’s nice to see the city of gold in a different color. Toda rabah.

  • great video..great music.. i miss jerusalem . believing that i will be able to go there this year with my family..

  • I really enjoyed watching your video and seeing the snow fall!! The snowman and wondered if you all went sled riding? That would have been fun! Hot chocolate after to warm up! How cold was it? It looks like here..but it is on 17 degrees Fahrenheit! Pretty cold!! I also loved the lovely and relaxing too! Thank you for sharing!