A 150 Years old Tahini Factory in old Jerusalem

Today we are visiting the Al Jebrini Tahini factory in old Jerusalem.
Mr. Izsak Al Jebrini runs this hidden and unique tahini plant. His family owns it for the past 150 years since his grand grandfather has returned from serving in the Ottoman army during the first world war.
The Jebrini family arrived in Israel from Kurdistan together with Salah Ad-din (Saladin) during the 12 century AC.
The Al Jebrini tahini factory is a sesame mil still using traditional production procedures such as water and salt, pilling, drying in the open air, roasting in a conventional tabun oven, and finally grinding using basalt stones. Al Jebrini tahini factory is the only place in the world using these technics can be found only here.
Izsak produces in this mill the following products:
– Regular Sesame Tahini
– Whole Sesame tahini
– Roasted red tahini
– Tahini made of Nigella seeds.
– Natural Halva
– Sesame Oil which is very good and healthy for cooking
– and Natural Halva with no additional artificial substance

Since they follow traditional production procedures to keep top quality, their output is not so high; thus, they sell only to customers who visit their shop.

If you happened to be in old Jerusalem, I highly recommend visiting the Al Jebrini tahini factory. If you need help finding it, please send us an email or give us a call.

That is for today and until we meet again, let’s live the Jerusalem Experience!