The Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky is a Russian Church located in Jerusalem near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. During construction of the Church, remains of what was thought to be the Judgement Gate through which Jesus passed on his way to Golgotha, were discovered. The present church is built over these remains, and also incorporates part of the Herodian city wall, and vestiges of the pagan temple erected by Hadrian after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D


  • what amazing pictures.I was here 3 years ago and spent 2 hours inside this wonderful churce. Thank you Eran for bringing back my memories. I can not wait for the Video.

  • What an amazing VIDEO of this Alexander Nevsky Church. I can believe I can see remaining of the first basilica of the holy sepulchre of Christ.

    Thank you Eran

  • Thank you Eran for taking me to visit this amazing church. The archaeological finding inside the church are simply amazing.

  • The Church of St Alexander Nevsky — named after a 13th-century Russian warrior-prince — is often overlooked because its facade resembles an elegant residence or hotel rather than a church.