Ecce Homo Arch Video

In Today Ecce Homo Arch Video, we are visiting a site which is not part of the 14 stations along the Via Dolorosa, yet it captures some interesting stories related to Jesus and his last walk on earth.

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We are now standing near an Arch which is called today the Ecce Homo Arch. For generations, pilgrims had associated the arch with the words “Ecco Homo” which means in Latin “here is the man” and thus the belief that here it is where Jesus’ fate was sealed by Pilate. The New Testament recounts that when Jesus was dressed in bogus royal attire in mockery of his claim to be “king of Jews”, Pilates presented Jesus to the crowed declaring “Ecco Homo”/”here is the man”.

Now let’s enter in to the Notre Dame de Sion, a Convent built by a Converted Jew, Mr. Mare Alphonse Ratisbonne. Today, the nuns at this monastery preach the love of Israel among the Gentiles.

Now let’s go back in time to when Ratinsbonne bought this place in 1855. Right after Ratinsbonne bought the monastery, excavating work at the monastery’s foundations discovered that the arch that we see outside is part of a victory gate that was built by the Roman Empire, Hadrian, after crushing the Bar Kochba revolt in Israel and destroying Jerusalem – 100 years after Jesus was crucified. Hadrian established a pagan city named Aelia Capitolina on top of the ruins of Jerusalem. At the place of the site, in the entrance to the city, a large square was built called the forum, and a triumph arch was placed. The arch that we see right here is part of the central portion of Hadrian’s arch.

We shall now explore some interesting archeological findings that were uncovered during the excavation of the monastery foundations. In 1864 a hidden pool that was built some 1700 years ago was discovered. Encourage by the archeological finding the nuns of the monastery start searching for links to events described in the New Testament. Imagine their excitement when a paving stone was discovered with traces of game board etched into its surface along the letter B, standing for Basileus, the Greek word for “King”. The game was played on throwing a dice determined player’s advance in a race to the King’s tower at the center of the board. The game concluded with the execution of a monk king. The nuns deducted that the Roman soldiers who robed Jesus and crowned him with thorns were the very ones that etched the game in to the paving stone so here is where Jesus trial was conducted.  The archeologist claims that this board belongs to the Roman forum built next to the triumphal arch, a century after the trial of Jesus. As a compromise, the archeologist prepared to admit that its is possible that these paving stones were brought here from the courtyard of the demolished Antonia Fortress where we today believe is the place where Jesus were trialed.

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  • Hi and thanks for the information, and your website certainly looks fabulous. Exactly what wp design are you employing?

  • Thanks for your hard work. Your productions are informative and well produced.

    I was in Israel for 9 days with my church group of 62 two weeks ago. It was an inspiring journey. I brought along our volunteer video crew and documented our tour. Our pastor preached from a boat on the Sea of Galilee where we experienced a sudden storm then a calm featuring a full rainbow.

    We sent the edited sermon which included illustrations and scripture verses. The video sermon was shown to our congregation of 1,500 in New Jersey while we were still in Israel. They were blessed. Many there stated that they felt as though they were there with us. Others said that they should have joined us after watching the video.

    Days after we were in the Qumran National Park. Our pastor recorded some sermon illustrations which we projected this past Sunday. It helped support his point about how God takes us through a desert experience in order to take us to the next level of ministry.

    My question to you is, where did you find the illustrations for you blogs. I am looking for more sources that are not terribly costly yet are of great quality like yours. I have free sources but not all subjects are covered.

    Thanks for your blog. Please continue in your efforts to inform and inspire.

    Maybe I can share some of our work with you if you are interested.

    John Oyola

  • Very good written story. It will be supportive to everyone who usess it, including yours truly :). Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

  • Dear Eran. Your video about the Ecco Homo is amazing. I leave in Ethiopia and never been to Jerusalem, yet I watch your video and I felt Like I am there….. will watch all your video!!!

  • I walked the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem 3 years ago and did not have the time to get into this convent of Ecce Homo. Thanks to your video I now can visit it again.

    I recommend everyone to also watch the videos from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in this wonderful site.

    Bless you for your work.

  • Ecce Homo. So many time I have heard this phrase and now I can see what does it mean and where is the origin of it.


  • I was there in 1998. this video of the Ecce Homo convent bring back wonderful old memories.

    Thank you!!!

  • I have been there at the Ecce Homo convent. what an amazing place and thanks for bringing back all the memories that I had from this place.

    Bless You!

  • Last year when i visited Jerusalem for the first time I passed by the Ecce Homo convent and I had no idea what a story there is behind this walls.

    Thank you Jerusalem Experience for taking me inside this wonderful place.

  • I was there walking the Via Dolorosa and I had not idea what i was missing by not stopping and getting inside the Ecce Homo convent. You video is Great!!! No I know what I have missed.

  • Amazing. I wend along the Via Dolorosa when I was in Jerusalem back in 2006. We passed below the Ecce Homo Arch next to the Notre Dame de Zion Convent BUT we did not get inside. Now that I watch your video I understand what a huge mistake we made. Your video is simply a treasure.

    God Bless You!!!!