Many people who have watched my last Video post: Jerusalem Festival of Light 2012, have requested to see more of the “Faces of Jerusalem” – so here it is. A dedicated video only for the Faces of Jerusalem!!!

Faces of Jerusalem was created by Jan Ising and Bartosz Navarra, both from Germany. A large 3 dimensional multimedia light-art installation from Berlin, restaging the faces of the city of Jerusalem. A mask-like projection surface as the “universal’ face is the basis of an impressive, surprising and entertaining presentation of the many faces of Jerusalem.

Here are some words by the creator of this amazing project, Mr. Jan Ising:

“The universal face as a 3-dimensional projection mask will show you how similar we all are and will impress you with unexpected images. FACES will present the FACES OF JERUSALEM in a special video-language designed by Bartosz Navarra. Each city we visit gets his own individual production, and step by step we are building up a collection that will be joined together one day as FACES OF THE WORLD.

The face of a city is much more than just one prominent person.We think that every person, every building, every monument, the architecture and the history are all important factors in creating the identity of a place. FACES OF JERUSALEM will show this combined face and how it joins pictures, people and impressions in a most entertaining production.

In 2011 we began with the production of FACES OF BERLIN. Now in 2012 we are proud that the City of Jerusalem has invited us to present the second production of FACES.”

Enjoy the video and please do not forget to leave your comment!!

Let’s all live the Jerusalem Experience !!!!


  • I was there in Jerusalem during the Light Festival and to my opinion the Faces if Jerusalem was the most amazing thing.

    Thank you Jerusalem Experience for sharing this video so I could experience the Faces of Jerusalem project again… and again.