This year, for the fourth time, the Jerusalem Festival of lights had taken place in the Old City of Jerusalem during the month of June 2012.

Through this video, I am taking you through this festival of light so you could enjoy and experience the Old City of Jerusalem in a different way and light.

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We are starting outside the Jaffa gate looking at the Cupola which is a dome resembling a building from the Italian Renaissance due to its size and shape. The Cupola is presented by Luminarie De Cagna from Italy, an Italian family concern that was founded in 1930 and specializes in illuminating building and squares on festive occasions.

From there we shall walk to the Armenia quarter, at the end of the Armenian Patriarchate road, to watch the Faces of Jerusalem, an amazing multicultural video-art project created by Jan Ising & Bartosz Navarra from Germany. This 3-dimensional projection mask shows faces of different people from all over the world that live and visit Jerusalem. This project also shows how similar we all are.

Our next visit is to the Christian quarter where we are strolling along the alleys watching projected pictures on the building walls and visual performances by various artistes in different corners of the quarter. We shall take this opportunity and visit the Church of the holy sepulcher to see it at night and also to witness the locking the church doors for the night while some people are staying inside all night for praying.

At the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer we shall see the church illuminated by soft static light and a computerized display of varying shapes and colors synchronized with music.

We shall continue strolling along the streets and markets of the old city until we get to the Western Wall (also known as the Wailing Wall) to watch it from a distance while people come for a night prayer. Above the western wall we shall see the Dome of the Rock on top of temple mount.

From there we are continuing to a unique visual effect of light projected on the old city wall not far away from the Zion Gate and the Armenia quarter.

On the other side of the old city of Jerusalem, we are watching a Pinball game projected on the walls of the Damascus gate. This artwork was created by Nunu Maya and Carole Purnelle from Portugal.

The perfect place to finish this tour is at the Jaffa gate where we have started but this time with a view on the Tower of David surrounded by the old city walls.

Thant is for tonight, and until we meet again in my next video, Let’s all live the Jerusalem Experience !!!!


  • Great video. The lights were beautiful and showed another facet of what Jerusalem is like. She is as varied as the nations who visit her. Thanks Eran for showing us this facet.

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  • That is awesome! I read her blog and can ratele to the parts about “getting something out of church”, its like God was speaking to me through her blog! Thanks for sharing that! Love you

  • oooohhhhhhh GOD what a blessed and such a marvelous holly land i really can not say any thing about what i saw just thanks GOD ABOUT YOU GUYS AND ALSO JERUSALEM
    it is a privilege to see this kind of incredible treasures!!!