Walking toward the 3rd Station – Way of the Cross

As I have promised  you…..today I am sharing with you another part from my New DVD – The Via Dolorosa Experience.
At the 2nd station we Join Jesus as he is condemned to death
and imposed with the Cross, after being flagellated by the Roman
From station number 2 Jesus starts his Passion to the site of his crucifixion….
And this is the part that I am sharing with you today!
Now, you can join the procession walking from station number 2
to station number 3 where Jesus falls for the first time.
watching the Video you can imagine Jesus walking along this path
carrying his Cross in this hot weather and after being scourged and with the crown of thorns to his head, covering his face with his blood….
No wonder Jesus falls.. and more than once.

Let’s all live the Jerusalem Experience!!!!