PENTECOST at the Cenacle at Mount Zion

Welcome to another video tour by Jerusalem experience. Today I am taking you to participate in the Pentecost vespers at the Cenacle and Last Supper Room at Mount Zion here in Jerusalem.

The Pentecost ceremony is inside the last supper room, which is already fully packed with people waiting for the priests and friars, as you can see.
The Pentecost ceremony is conducted most of the time in the last supper room, while from time to time, the priest and the friars will go up to the Cenacle, which is the upper room, to pray and then come back.

Unfortunately, this year (2022), only the priests and friars can enter the Cenacle during the Pentecost ceremony. Wait for the end of this video. I have a surprise for you.
At a certain point during the ceremony, everyone is lighting their candle. See how beautiful it is.
People stay to take photos and videos when the Pentecost ceremony ends, meditate, and pray.
You will see a curtain hanging on the wall during the Pentecost ceremony. It covers a praying niche facing Mecca – called Mihrab that the Ottomans created after they took control of Jerusalem and turned this room into a mosque.

As I have told you, the Cenacle is locked all year, and this year during today’s ceremony, at least for the public, we can only look into it through the window.
Since we could not get inside the Cenacle, I include video footage I have taken over the years.
The first one was taken last year at the end of the corona lockdown when the place was open but without tourists.
It was so empty!
I believe that without people inside, the place loses its magic or, better said, spirituality.
Only people who live in Israel, like the small group that you see in the video, were able to come and pray, and only during Pentecost.

The last video footage I took eight years ago, during Pentecost, with no COVID restrictions. See how pilgrims have been praying here.

That is for today, and until we meet in our next video, let’s live the Jerusalem Experience!