Hello and welcome to my video of the Assumption of Mary (Theotokos) celebrated by the Greek Orthodox here in Jerusalem.

Every year on August 25th,  a procession starts from a site marked METOXION near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where the Icon of Mary rest all year inside a Greek Church named Gethsemane. During the procession the Icon of Mary is carried by a Greek priest all the way along the Via Dolorosa to the tomb of Mary at the Greek Orthodox Church at Gethsemane.

Now you are probably asking what it has to do, A Gethsemane Greek Church right next to the Church of the holy sepulchre and not right at the foothill of the Mount of Olives? Well, the meaning of METOXION in Greek is a place of gathering. During the time of the Muslims in Jerusalem, Christians were not always allowed to walk all around Jerusalem and to celebrate their feasts at the proper sites, so they came to a place near the holiest site in Jerusalem – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and celebrate their feasts over there. And this is how a Greek Church name Gethsemane, is near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

In my video we see people walking with Candles while praying and singing along the Via Dolorosa here in Jerusalem. In the center of this procession, we see the Greek priest carrying the Icon of Mary to be rested at the Tomb of Mary at Gethsemane.

Now, let’s All Live the Jerusalem Experience!!!



  • It was wonderful . First time i saw something like that
    about the Assumption of Mother Mary. Thank you.

  • The Assumption of Mary by the orthodox is amazing. I also want to be there next year. walking through the street of Old Jerusalem so early in the morning…… Yes I want to do it.

    God BLess You

  • The Video of the Assumption of Mary by the Greek Orthodox is wonderful. The actual walking at night in the street of Old Jerusalem is spiritualistic.

    Thank you for this video.

  • How exciting to be able to fololw your trip and see the marvelous photos. I remember so well my trip in 1997 and all the things you have described so far. The explosions, however, have had us concerned. When do you go to Galilee? Can’t wait to hear more. Joan